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The herd is my family. All together, more or less 20 mammals, we live in underground networks that we never stop digging, chasing during daytime small bugs, snakes, spiders even scorpions! We are also known for our team spirit. If someone smells danger closing near he/she stands straight on back feet warning this way the others. I enjoy doing that even for fun (the others accuse me of neglect) because at that time I usually shoot my best photos!


Galapagos Islands
Galapagos islands is the place where I like to resort. Along with my good friends Albatross and Dr. Komodo (yes, he is a doctor now!), drinking exotic colorful cocktails while sitting in luxurious chaises longues, we comment on the modern hellenic reality which seems so far away, almost a dream (or better yet, a nightmare). We use our native tongue always with great respect to its long weary journey back from the days of great Homer.

Inspired by the great Masters of fine art photography (Julia Margaret Cameron, Henri-Cartier Bresson, André Kertész, Robert Frank etc.) Rynocerose and I have founded the world wide famous photographic agency "Helios" (Ἠέλιος in ancient greek). It's short of a photo-calendar I try to update as often as possible, a bit difficult to do with my analogue camera, a light CANON EOS 300X with 35mm and 50mm fixed lenses.

Poetry in Greece
The entire poetry production in Greece from 1830 to nowadays! An anthology of poems by the most prominent Greek poets per poetry-School as these were developed in Greece after the Hellenic Revolution in 1821 (First and New Athenian School, Generation of the '30s, First and Second Post-War Generation etc.). A really useful guide to everyone interested in poetry. (Just give me some time, ok?)